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FACT: Top professional teams do not have open tryouts.  Never pay to play or tryout!

WHAT WE DO: Skills From Brazil provides talented American/USA soccer players, age 18-21, who aspire to play professionally, the opportunity to become professional soccer players and provide a professional training environment like those found only in top teams in Brazil and Europe.  With two or three daily training sessions, regular competitive games, and exposure to the top soccer agents and scouts we prepare you for professional tryouts in Europe and the rest of the world. Other age groups and citizenships are considered on an individual basis.

THE PROBLEM: In Brazil, Europe, and the rest of the world young potential professional soccer players are being exposed to professional “first team” training and competition from around the ages of 16-21. Young USA/American players do not get this early exposure to 1st division quality competition and the high physical training workload that a player neededs to become top level professional soccer player. Jordan Older and Skills From Brazil provide you the ability to “catch-up” to your competition in Europe and the rest of the world so that you can become a successful professional soccer player. Your success and progress depends on each players individual abilities. Not all players will be offered tryouts with professional teams. Unless you are a starter on an MLS team you need to be in our training camp if you want to play for a major European club.

WHO WE ARE: Our trainers are former top level soccer players (and coaches) from the Brazilian, European, Mexican, and Asian 1st Divisions as well as coaches from actual FIFA World Cup and national team squads. We bring you the latest Brazilian and European professional training technology so that you can reach your full potential and be as ready as possible to for tryouts with professional teams. We have the knowledge and experience that can only be found at top Brazilian and European professional teams and national team clubs.

Former Brazilian 1st Division player Juliano Lorencatto at the Skills From
Brazil and Santa Barbara FC training center in Santa Barbara, California.
HOW WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM: We analyze your strengths and weaknesses and custom design an individual training program based on the needs of each player. Our in-house soccer agency connects you with the right team, in the right country, that matches your playing style and ability.

If you grew up in the United States and aren’t an MLS starter, without this emulated “professional team” environment, you will not be ready to successfully tryout with the best players and teams in the world.

Coaches: Jordan Older, Juliano Lorencatto, Alexandre Alves, and others
Location: Santa Barbara, California
Cost: $500/month (does not included room/board/travel or other expenses)

Our German Bundesliga soccer scout with professional
coaches Sascha Lewandowski and Stephan Schmidt from German
Bundesliga clubs Bayer 04 Leverkusen and VfL Wolfsburg.

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* Legal Terms of Service: Players are responsible for their own housing, food, and transportation (and all other unknown) fees while participating in our training camp and during any tryouts that we provide. Not all players will be offered tryouts with professional teams. Due to the demand and desire of professional European soccer teams players must be age 18-21 and US or European citizens and have their own health insurance. Players participate at their own risk and by signing up agree to these and the other terms on this page and to hold Jordan Older and his coaches, associates, and colleagues harmless, even in case of injury, death, or negligence. Ventura IT and PayPal are the payment processors for Skills From Brazil.