Do you charge us to tryout with teams?

No!  Anyone charging for a tryout is selling you a lie.  In fact real professional teams do not have open tryouts.  Instead what they do is look at players that are recommended to them and if they are interested they invite them to join the team in training.  Stop wasting your money on combines and tryouts that are just fake tryouts, publicity stunts and money makers for the clubs.

Why do we have to pay $500/month to join Skills From Brazil?

The money you pay goes to cover field and stadium rentals and coaching salaries and other expenses.  Top Brazilian and European coaches are not free and fields, balls, and uniforms are expensive.  The money you spend with us goes to pay expenses in setting up a world-class professional level soccer academy where you can develop into a better player with a real chance of making a pro team in Europe or another soccer playing country.

Why do other teams, “combines”, and “tryouts” say they discovered players at their tryouts?

Teams in the USA are some of the only in the world that charge for “tryouts” for their professional 1st teams.  Teams in Brazil, Europe simply do not have open “tryouts.”  Just imagine if you thought you could go to an open tryout for the Los Angeles Lakers or the San Francisco 49ers.  I think you understand now.  These “combines” and “tryouts” are mostly for publicity and to make money for the team and they are known to stock the “tryouts” with a few players who have recruited individually who have already made the team so they can claim in advertising that some players were discovered at the “tryout.”  NEVER PAY TO PLAY OR TRYOUT!